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Ok, to keep it simple, the oil cooler is what the oil filter threads onto. Mines leaking, pretty damn sure it's not the head. Oil in coolant, no coolant in oil or other issues. Oil cooler was leaking externally at the seal.

They are apparently insanely expensive at about $450 for a new one. Question 1 is: Am I missing something or is there a conversion or mod kit or alternative part or something that works instead of a $450-750 part?

My oil pressure sensor had also failed. So I pulled the sensor and the oil cooler and they were HAMMERED with gloop and crud.

Question 2: Is it possible it just needs a cleaning as it was TOTALLY HAMMERED?

I guess follow this thread if you wanna find out too. I'm going to clean and replace with a new seal but the old one seems perfectly intact. Have a few calls out to scrap yards but not holding my breath.
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