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2005 Titan backup camera

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Well it finally happened. I have been a lurker on this forum since we bought our titan in 2008. It's a great 2005 Nissan Titan SE 2WD. 143k and we still love it. So after 9 years of ownership we decided to upgrade the stereo and add a backup camera. Sweet, I thought.
Now, I'm no rookie to car ****. But this one has got me stumped. Not even youtube could save me. So here is what I've been dealing with and I hope someone here has the fix.
I have a pioneer 280bt (AVH) and an esky EC180-19 camera. The wife has the same radio and camera setup on her 7.3 diesel ford Excursion. However I did not do the install. Paid 500 cash for that work. When it came time to do the Titan I thought I could save a few bucks by doing it myself. So far I have saved a lot of money but not time.

The stereo install was easy. All wires were soldered and heat shrinked. No problemo. So I figure just do what the internets say and power the 12v wire for the camera to the reverse light and **** will be on the up and up. :rollseyes:

Needless to say that didn't work. I tested the camera by hooking it directly to the battery and shifting into reverse. Camera works great. But, when grounded to the frame and the 12v red hooked to the reverse lights I have no joy.

Before it starts.... The radio reverse indicator wire works fine. It's hooked to the green white wire in the kick panel. When shifting to reverse the screen on the radio is black.
I have tried every power source I can think of. The reverse lights, no go. The trailer reverse lights, no go. The 12v to the radio, no go. The reverse (green and white wires in the kick panels) no go. The 12v switch on the cigarette lighter, no go.

I even bought a new camera. No joy. It only works when I hook it directly to a 12v battery. Officially stumped...... If anyone can help here I would greatly appreciate it.

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To work the camera power wire and the reverse sense wire from the radio need to both be connected to the power wire going to the backup lights. On the radio set the camera sense to 12v battery.

Obviously the camera ground connects to the chassis and the video line connects to the camera input (not video input) on the radio.

With connections as above moving the transmission lever to Reverse should activate the camera.
I have the reverse indicator wire to the head unit hooked to the green/white wire for reverse in the driver's kick panel. I have already tested your theory. I ran a jumper wire from the green/white all the way back to the 12v red on the camera. Stereo screen goes black when I shift into reverse with no picture.
Are you saying to run the indicator wire from the head unit all the way back to the actual reverse light with the 12v red for camera?
And the stereo is on battery.
Verify that the green/white wire actually shows 12v when in reverse. If that is true then powering the camera from that point should activate the camera when in reverse. If the camera does not come on then verify the green/white wire shows 12v (in reverse with camera connected). Make sure all connections are solid and the video connector is firmly seated at the radio RCA connector.

On my Titan I routed the black and red wires from the camera to the rear of the radio (along with the video wire). I connected the black wire to the radio ground wire (which goes to chasis). The red wire from the camera and the camera sense wire from the radio were connected to the reverse power wire. All worded well.

If you have things wired as the equivalent to what I have described then I would suspect a poor connection somewhere especiallly if you have used those wire slicing tap connectors. Anything except crimp or solder is bad news.
Nope. Everything is solder and marine grade heat shrink crimps. I think I am going to use a relay. I hope to tie into the 12v constant from the 12v accessory plug in the bed on the driver's side(w/inline H2O proof fuse). Run a ground from relay to the chassis (camera ground tied in). 12v red wire from relay to camera and use the reverse light hot wire to switch on the relay. I just don't think the camera is getting enough power. If this works then the only wire I have to run forward is the RCA.
I'll let you know if it works.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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