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2005 Titan backup camera

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Well it finally happened. I have been a lurker on this forum since we bought our titan in 2008. It's a great 2005 Nissan Titan SE 2WD. 143k and we still love it. So after 9 years of ownership we decided to upgrade the stereo and add a backup camera. Sweet, I thought.
Now, I'm no rookie to car ****. But this one has got me stumped. Not even youtube could save me. So here is what I've been dealing with and I hope someone here has the fix.
I have a pioneer 280bt (AVH) and an esky EC180-19 camera. The wife has the same radio and camera setup on her 7.3 diesel ford Excursion. However I did not do the install. Paid 500 cash for that work. When it came time to do the Titan I thought I could save a few bucks by doing it myself. So far I have saved a lot of money but not time.

The stereo install was easy. All wires were soldered and heat shrinked. No problemo. So I figure just do what the internets say and power the 12v wire for the camera to the reverse light and **** will be on the up and up. :rollseyes:

Needless to say that didn't work. I tested the camera by hooking it directly to the battery and shifting into reverse. Camera works great. But, when grounded to the frame and the 12v red hooked to the reverse lights I have no joy.

Before it starts.... The radio reverse indicator wire works fine. It's hooked to the green white wire in the kick panel. When shifting to reverse the screen on the radio is black.
I have tried every power source I can think of. The reverse lights, no go. The trailer reverse lights, no go. The 12v to the radio, no go. The reverse (green and white wires in the kick panels) no go. The 12v switch on the cigarette lighter, no go.

I even bought a new camera. No joy. It only works when I hook it directly to a 12v battery. Officially stumped...... If anyone can help here I would greatly appreciate it.

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Somewhat related, I have also recently installed a backup camera in my '04 Titan to use with my Kenwood DD stereo. The Kenwood has the purple and white reverse wire hanging out the back, but I am having trouble finding the reverse wire behind the driver's side kick panel to connect to the reverse wire on my Kenwood. I hooked the power wire back at the backup camera to the hot wire for my backup lights and it will activate when I push the "CAM" button on my radio when in reverse, but it will not come on when I engage reverse, so I am trying to find the correct reverse wire to connect to the reverse wire coming out of my stereo.

I did a bunch of searching on here trying to find a pic that showed the correct wire and the first picture (the one with the hand holding the harness) is the one I found. He indicated I needed to find a green with white striped wire. Unfortunately, as you can see in the second picture, I do not see a harness on my truck that has that same wire configuration although there is one harness with at least one green and white striped wire. This may be the wire I need to use, but I thought I would ask before I tried to tap into it.

Also, am I looking behind the wrong kick panel? Could the green/white wire be on the passenger side?


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