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2005 Titan running rough

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My 2005 Titan with 178,000 miles, with long tube headers and cat-back throwing code for bank two upstream sensor, bought two new sensors and replaced the both of them at same time.
Now truck has no power, stumbles, refuse to idle good at red lights!
No codes! My brother is a mechanic by trade has a Snap-on Solus edge.
Checked fuel pressure (52 psi) and has no drop in pressure.

Any Ideas!

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Okay! My brother and I found the problem with Titan!
One of the "new" up-stream oxygen sensors "Bosch" was replaced at a different shop and sent back to auto supply store! That one sensor was a no name after market sensor! So always check parts coming in new box from parts supply store! This is my first Nissan Titan, so I'm a rookie on it! But learning it!

By the way I installed the sensors at brothers shop! My fault!
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