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2005 titan won't rev pass 3000.

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Have a 2005 titan. Idles and starts fine. If you try to drive it it will only do 30 mph or so and runs really bad. If you rev in neutral it wil rev to 2500-3000 and misses and shakes when it starts missing one bank goes lean .60 v. And the other goes to 2.2. At idle both banks are 1.5. Fuel pressure is 58psi Any help would be appreciated. Cats have been gutted also. The rest is totally stock

Thanks kerry
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I have swapped the relays and still no luck. Anyway to know that you are in limp
Mode? I have a snap on modis scanner. It shows only p0300 random. Misfire it has a leaking exhaust manifold gasket and a busted trans mount. But can't see them causing this. Any help is greatly appreciated. Willing to pay
Someone has to have some thoughts on this???
Tried the battery disconnect. Still no luck. If I rev it it goes to 2000 and sometimes 3000 rpms and shop smells really rich of fuel.
Only code I have is P0300 random misfire. I do have a scanner if anyone has any parameters they would like to see
THEy stay at 1.5 volts at idle. And look normal to me. Not sure they would cause this misfire stuff
OK if there is any Nissan tech out there that would be willing to help. I'll pay a tech fee Not looking for anything free. Don't care if it's a 100 dollar fee. If you can help pin the problem down
Wow no one ???? Ok. I started today if I go 3/4 throttle is revs to about 2300 sat there for 15 seconds or so and then climbed to 3000 rpms and sat there a lil and came back down. Doesn't act like a limp mode and smells extremely rich. Fuel smell everywhere
Does anyone know the mode 6 test id for cylinder
Misfire on a 2005 Nissan Titan ??? I have a
Modis scanner
The problem started first then they brought it to a shop to gut them thinking that was the problem
Also it should like I here an exhaust leak on passenger side manifold
Would that stop it from reving. Guess I don't do much Nissan stuff. But just seems weird that would cause it
Sorry for all this I need 15 post to send a pm
Looks like the o2 sensor is reading weird
Is bank 2 the passenger side?
Guess that's why I love my diesels. Nissan seems to have some crazy strategy
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