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2005 titan won't rev pass 3000.

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Have a 2005 titan. Idles and starts fine. If you try to drive it it will only do 30 mph or so and runs really bad. If you rev in neutral it wil rev to 2500-3000 and misses and shakes when it starts missing one bank goes lean .60 v. And the other goes to 2.2. At idle both banks are 1.5. Fuel pressure is 58psi Any help would be appreciated. Cats have been gutted also. The rest is totally stock

Thanks kerry
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disconnect battery for 30 minutes, see what happens
check the parameters of o2 sensors, then go from there, check the air fuel ratio compare bank1 with bank2 , i'm guessing you have bad o2 sensor
Bank 2 is passenger side, if it's me, I would change the upstream oxygen sensor
Have you figure out what's wrong with your truck?
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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