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Posting for a friend and former member on here. The truck was totaled from being side swipped by a big rig. The damages are not that bad and this truck can be easily fixed. Its located in Beaumont, Texas and belongs to Ronnie Anderson so contact him for any questions. 409-781-0759..........$4000.00

Stillen long tube headers
Magnaflow ss single exhaust
Also magnaflows on b-pipes(3 mufflers and still pretty loud)
Flex-a-lite 295 elec fans and controller
Custom made fan shroud covers whole radiator.
CS double row radiator.
Uprev tuner (the tuner where u can do your on tuning)
LS7 throttle body.
Custom modified 07 intake with aluminum plate to accommodate ls7 tb.
Airaid cold air with restrictor cut out, plexiglass top and grill cold,air intake
Try-Trac differential
Edge 3400 stall converter.
Home made traction bars.
Best time street tires 14.03
Best time with with slicks 13.79.
Ran once with converter and strip was terrible and couldn't hook. Was expecting 13.5s.


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