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2006 4x2 Driveshaft Removal

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Well I finally tracked down the "death wobble" like vibration I'd experience but could never replicate. It was because I have a bad rubber isolator bushing around my carrier bearing therefore the bearing needs to be replaced. My question is: How do you remove the rear driveshaft? I have pulled them from many other vehicles but they usually have mounting bolts on the T-case or output shaft yoke of the trans as well as the rear diff yoke. There are bolts on the rear diff but it appears the front is held in by pressing the u-joint into the transmission yoke. Is this correct? Or once the rear and carrier are unbolted does the front yoke slide out of the transmission? Anyone on here who has removed the driveshaft on their 4x2 please help me out. I'll probably go poke around under there this weekend to see what I can do. Thanks for any and all help.
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I recently removed the drive shaft from my 4x4 and it unbolted from the diff and just slid out of the transfer case. Your 4x2 will use the same setup except for the drive shaft yoke slides directly into the transmission since there is no transfer case. I also verified this through the service manual just to be sure. Don't forget to mark the drive shaft flange and rear end flange where they meet so you can install it back in the same orientation.
Awesome thanks for the help. That was my assumption but I would not have known until I started turning wrenches. My jeep's driveshaft unbolts at both ends then the t-case yoke has to be unbolted to remove it. So you're saying the yoke slides out of the t-case on the Titan? It looked liked it unbolted but then again maybe I was looking at pictures of the front drive shaft on the 4x4.
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