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2006 KC Running Boards Charcoal

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I have a set off my recently purchased Titan. It is an 06 KC and they are the black and grey running boards. I'm selling them for $300 obo. I would also take trade for something for my titan. Intake, exhaust, subs, wheels. I don't know just toss me an idea.

Thanks! great site:cheers:


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I've got a new LCD or Plazma (sorry I forget which right now) still in the box.
We got it about 9 months ago to mount by the treadmill then found one we liked better.
I had planned on using this one somewhere and never returned it.

If you might be interested in a trade let me know and I'll get you more specific information once I get back home this weekend.

I think it's a 19" ,,,,

You can email me direct at [email protected] if you want.

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