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2006 problems

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I purchased 2006 titan 2 years ago. A couple of days ago i had problem with the truck. While driving abbout 2 miles it just died out. It would sputter n rough ide. The gauges were flickeribg for a couple of seconds . Then suddenly i start it back up it ran fine so drove it back home 2miles but about 200 feet from home at a stop light it dies n wont start up again. I pull home n run the obdII on n it gave me codes for maf sensor n intakeair temp . I replaced the air flow sensor n it started up onetime runing fine. I drove the truck for about 6 to 8 miles n it ran fine .the next day i drove short trip maybe 100 ft. Came back everything working ok. This was about 11:30 am , at about 5:00 came out to warm up the truck again to go somewhere then it dies after idleing for 2 the truck wont run.ran obdII again n nothing new......i saw something about IPDM relay and a way to temp test the relay by swaping the fog light relay temporarly to test the ipdm relay. stuck any help would greatly apprecitated.....ed in guam........
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Dying batteries do strange things to these trucks.

Mine is about 2yrs deep in battery #2, and the OEM lasted about 3.5yrs. We'll see if this one goes at 3.5. I'm watching for bizarro symptoms.
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