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I am having an issue with my truck and I don't know what to troubleshoot next. 06 titan 171,000 miles. No other issues since this happened.

Here is the issue last week at around 12 miles of driving my truck made a pop. I thought it was a backfire the passenger thought it was a hard shift. Next thing the truck stalls out and will not restart until 30 mins later. Drove the truck home 2 miles no issue. engine light on with code P0335. Disconnected the battery waited for the code to clear and attempted to re-drive the truck again. 12 miles and the truck stalls again with no engine light or codes. waited 30 mins and then the truck started. This time it stalled every 1/2 mile on my way home. Still no engine light or code.

Read on the forum about possible ECM relay bad or the IPDM. Swapped with my fog light. Drove around and this time it stalls out at 10 miles. Plus two additional stalls with a engine light same code. Went and purchased a new crank sensor. Installed (green clip a pain). Go to fire up the truck, wont turn over. The starter is going to town but the truck will not start. I did disconnect the battery during the change of the sensor.

What am I doing wrong or did i miss something when changing the sensor on the truck?

Tips or another thread to read?

It would really be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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