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2006 titan wont start

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about five times in the last 2 months i would turn the key on and all the dash lights would come on, turn the key to crank and nothing, not even a sound. after jostling the ignition a few times it would fire up with no drag or problem. went to autozone and battery was bad(under warranty so free swap out). thought this would fix problem, but next day did same thing. any suggestions on where to start? 140k mi by the way
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Mine does this when battery voltage gets too low, especially noticiable when I use the winch on the trailer for heavy pulls. If I charge the battery then it works fine. My alternator has been checked and autozone batteries have been the culprit every time. 04 with 130k miles. 6 batteries so far. AZ heat kills them quickly.
You might consider an additional battery. I wouldn't quite say the "Autozone batteries have been the culprit". Winches are a huge load. ;)

To the OP: Your battery was dead and replaced. Did you check the Alternator, Fuses at the battery Terminal etc?
Trailer has a battery that runs the winch and jack, definitely wouldnt run them off the truck only :eek_surprise::smile:
Replace the starter.
+1 You beat me to it. Hitachi/Denso starters don't grind when failing.....they just become intermittent and then die.
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