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We'll it started out I was just going to replace the shocks, struts and brakes. But then I decided I might as well just do everything while I've got it all taken apart to save myself the hassle down the road.

Mostly I'm looking for advice or links on the "order of operations" in attacking these replacements. Thanks in advance, appreciate any helpful input.

Here's a list of the stock parts I'm going to replace and the product being installed;
Shocks & Struts=>Monroe Quick Struts and Shock Absorbers
Front upper and lower ball joints=> Moog Problem Solver joints
Inner and outer tie rod ends=>Moog Problem Solver
Stabilizer Bar Link and bushing=>Moog Problem Solver
Upper and lower Control arm bushing=>Moog Problem Solver

Also refurbishing the calipers and replacing the rotors and brake pads
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