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2006 Ttan 4x4 front axle bolts

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I drive my truck a few miles a day. Nothing ruff. Well not to ruff anyway. I was leaving my driveway this morning when I heard a loud snap. I looked under the truck and was amazed to find my drivers side front half shaft snapped. All six bolts were missing. I looked on the passengers side all the bolts were hanging on by only a few threads. Can't Nissan tighten Bolts Properly? I only have 26, 000 Miles on my truck. Anyone else have this problem? I called checker. Seems like its a nissan only part. I hope they stand behing there trucks. Problem is the closest Nissan Dealer to where I live is like 60 miles away.
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I had the same problem with the transfer case but caught it on time. Its a known problems, do a search and you would find several threads. Hope you can get this cover
Did the bolts themselves come loose on the flange, or did the half shaft pull out of the diff?? There's a circlip of sorts in there that is known to fail, allowing the shaft and flange to pull out of the diff.
Here are a few pics. Looks like my passenger side has bolts that also almost came out too. I called Nissan today I guess there is a recall on all 2006 Titan SE 4x4 Off Road Trucks. Apparently its a common known problem. The dealer sent a tow truck to pick up my truck and take it 60 miles to the nearest dealer.


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You mention that they said this is a "common known problem". Does this problem only happen on '06 models? I have an '07 - wondering if I am okay...
The dealer said it was only the 2006 models. you should be fine
Nice to hear that the dealer stepped up and handled the problem for you without any hassle!
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