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2007 4x4 header install issue

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Good evening folks. Please don't flame me for this as this is my first post. I recently bought an 07 LE CC 4x4 and both manifolds are cracked. I bought some headers and set out to knock it out today. I managed to get the passenger side swapped out by taking the studs out because I can't get the 4 bolts for the MM out. What's the trick? I lifted up on the motor at various pressures and tried to break them with an impact with no joy. I also couldn't get to the two front ones on each side because how the heck! I thought they were only torqued to 65ft/lb. I have searched and searched but every post I found, the photobucket link for pictures was broken. So please..... can anyone give me the guidance I need? Thank you all!
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If they're that tight you're just not finding the right height that the motor needs to be raised to. It doesn't take a lot to get the pressure off the bolts, then once you have them backed out most of the way you can raise the motor a little more to get some room.
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