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Titan is located in Colorado Springs, CO

Asking $12,000 OBO

This ad is meant for craigslist and other classifieds. It is not tailored for Titan Talk.

More high quality images of the vehicle can be seen here: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

I have for sale a 2007 Nissan Titan 5.6 SE Crew Cab 4WD with 136,000 Miles. Mileage is rounded up but may change as I will be driving it occasionally until it sells.

I will start by saying that this truck is un-molested, there was never any lift kit or aftermarket parts installed on this vehicle. It is completely stock mechanically and I kept it that way for ease of maintenance. I have kept up with all the factory recommended maintenance and then some.

I bought this truck used when it had 91,000 miles on it. It spent a majority of it’s life in Southern California. It was then bought at auction by a used truck dealership and I bought it from said truck dealership in Washington State. You would be hard pressed to find another Titan in Colorado with this many miles that has an underbody/frame/motor/suspension that is as clean as this one. I consistently spray out the underbody of the truck after it snows to make sure everything stays clean. There is sun damage to the paint on the roof and hood, since it lived in California and Colorado with dark paint. I have called around to several body/paint shops in the area and asked what it would cost for a hood and roof repaint and I have deducted that cost from the book value of this vehicle. There is also the normal dings/scratches that a truck with 136,000 miles normally has. As well as a tear in the front drivers seat that is about 2 inches long. I plasti-dipped the bumpers, grill, and door handles this past July because the chrome trim was starting to get sun-damaged. I believe it looks much better than the chrome trim, but you can easily remove the plasti-dip if you want to go back to chrome.


4-Wheel Drive
Tow Package
Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC)
Rear Power Window
Heated Mirrors
WeatherTech Front and Rear Floormats
Front Bucket Seats with Center Console
Power Seat Drivers Side
Side Airbags
6 CD Changer
Trailer Brake Controller
Backup Sensor
Adjustable Pedals
Nissan Plastic Bed Liner

Maintenance done within the past 25,000 miles:

New Exhaust Manifolds
New Catalytic Converters
New O2 Sensors
New Radiator
New Radiator Hoses
New Thermostat
New Spark Plugs
New Air Filter
New Front Struts
New Rear Shocks
New Ball Joints
New Tie-Rods
New Transfer Case Seals
New Transmission Mount
New Motor Mounts
New Oil Cooler O-Ring
New Battery
New Brake Pads and Rotors
New Cabin Air Filter
New Blower Motor
New Climate Control Actuator Door
Transmission Fluid Flush
Transfer Case New Fluid
Coolant Flush
Brake Fluid Flush
Front and Rear Differentials New Fluid
All factory recalls done
Full Synthetic Oil and Filter Changes every 5,000 Miles
Tires rotated every oil change

As you can see there was a lot of maintenance done. I am a firm believer of doing things right and starting off again with zero wear. If I am going to do one tie rod, I might as well do the other side. If I am going to do the rear shocks I might as well do the front struts etc. This is my philosphy on vehicle maintenance, some may agree or disagree. I like everything to be balanced and start from zero wear again.

The Wheels and Tires were purchased brand new from Discount Tire a couple of weeks after I bought the truck from the dealership in late 2012. They still have plenty of tread life left, and should last another 15,000 miles or more as long as you keep rotating them properly. They are Goodyear Duratracs and have an excellent rating in the snow. Never had an issue driving around in blizzard conditions here in Colorado.

I have invested a lot of my time and money into getting this truck back to where it should be on maintenance, drivability, and reliability. I have driven this vehicle cross country a few times and would trust it to go anywhere.

This is a great truck if you own dogs, the rear seats fold up nicely and your dogs will have plenty of room to move around in the back. I have installed a dog gate to prevent the dogs from annoying the driver, which is quite useful. My dog does not shed, so do not worry about there being hair everywhere. I can remove the dog gate from the vehicle if you do not want it, but it is included with the sale if you do want it.

I had an oil change done on the 15th of January by a mechanic, and had him do a complete inspection. No leaks or issues, I have the inspection sheet if you want to see it.

I am in no rush to sell, and would like to see it go to a good new owner.

AutoCheck (VIN Check Service) can be seen here:

There is a lien on the vehicle, but it's a small credit union and they are very easy to deal with.

No Trades, I am looking for an outright buyer only.
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