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So i purchased a OEM foglight kit w/ HID kit, i received it today but before i do the install i just want to make sure I'm doing this right...

so my kit came with a wiring harness and switch but i would like to just wire the fog lights directly into the parking lights so when i turn on the parking lights the fogs will turn on too.... Now with the harness that came with my kit i was thinking splicing into the power of my parking lamp and connecting the power wire of my harness which includes a 12v 30amp relay then just grounding the harness to my battery or just tapping into the negative of my parking lamp... the relay is already wired with the pigtails for the fog lights so i just want to know if i can just go positive/negative on my relay to positive/negative on one of my parking lamps... or should i throw on a fuse....

the HID kit has 35w ballasts if that makes a difference...
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