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2008 4x4 alignment spec needed

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hey folks could i get your help..... I put a mini lift on my 2008 4xpro and over the course of 6 months it has worn the outside edge of my tires, I do know that i need cam bolts to straighten out the caster but what are the factory specs for this truck?
There has been quite a bit of negative response in this community about taking trucks to the dealer to get this problem resolved, not to add the extra $$ involved . So I am going to have a mechanic friend of mine do the alignment but he said I need the SPECS.....
I have a wealth of knowledge from you fine folks in this community by visiting this site.......Thank you :)
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Someone correct me if im wrong, but based off a quick search it looks something like this:

Caster: +2.2 degrees preferred, but can go +/- 0.75 degrees from that.

Camber: +0.3 degrees preferred, but also can go +/- 0.75 degrees from that.

Toe: +0.22 degrees preferred, but can be +/- 0.08 degrees from that.

Thrust angle: 37.9/34.0 preferred. Can vary +/- 1.5 degree from that.

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once again this community comes through!
Thank you and God speed.
A couple of years or more when I had my original BayYear tires replaced, I had a local tire shop perform an alignment on the new replacement tires. After the job was done I asked whether/how much out of alignment my tires were and they provided me with the attached document for my 2004 Titan 4x2.


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