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2008 CC LWB with Retrax Tonneau, Utilitrack

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Hey folks:

I joined Titan Talk to do some research on tonneau covers. I didn't know what I wanted when I started. Thanks to everyone here, I was able to decide that I wanted a retractable cover as the best compromise between security and accessibility for me. I chose the Retrax, as they were one of the few retractable manufacturers to have the 08 LWB length.

I thought hard about the Bak-Flip, but I didn't like how it would block my visibility in the fully up position, and I didn't want to have to flip my tracks. I did go and see one at the local truck store, and it was very nicely made. It would have been my choice if Retrax wasn't available.

Retrax markets themselves as fully utilitrac compatible. As a search of other users on this forum will tell you, that's not entirely true. I didn't have to flip my tracks to get them to work. However, the Retrax rails prevent me from just inserting the cleat anywhere on the track. I have to slide them into position from the back. Mildly inconvenient.

With the cover pulled back and the cleats slid into place, the cleats work just fine. However, the locking system conflicts with the driver's side cleat. You can loosen the cleat until the cover latch slides past it, then tighten it back into position. So you can use the cleats with the cover open or closed, and without flipping the tracks, but it's not exactly convenient.

I paid approximately $1100 for the cover and installation. You can save about $200 if you do it yourself or look around. Then again, you have to factor in shipping as well. My installer didn't use any clamps. The lip of the bed on the 2008 bed is pretty healthy. So my installed used allen screws to mount the rails to the bed. I can take the entire thing off by removing the four allen screws, so it's not too bad to remove if I have to.

Looks good, locks up tight, and doesn't rattle or make a bunch of noise. I have no idea how it will perform in the water, because it has yet to rain. If I remember, I will update this thread in a month or so to see if I still like it, or if I have anything else productive to add.
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Had my first rain storm. Everything made it out dry, which is good. I think most water intrusion I am likely to get will be from rolling it up with water on the cover. The housing drains towards the front of the bed, but doesn't have any direct path out of the truck, other then the natural drainage. If I'm feeling ballsy later this week, I might drill some holes for the drain tubes.

After a few days of use, the cover is becoming easier to retract. The first couple of days, it was quite stiff. It's also really shiny, so it has a tendency to show finger prints and smudges easily. Not too much of a problem for me, as this is a work truck.

One other interesting tidbit I feel I should pass along. With the addition of the tonneau, I picked up another 1 MPG. My average went from 15.2 to 16.3 MPG, or roughly 6.5%. Some of that may be attributable to the truck breaking in. However, it did jump up immediately following installation of the cover. The literature claims 1-3 MPG increased efficiency. I am at the bottom of that scale. Every extra MPG helps, so I won't complain too much.
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