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2008 Fuel Economy Guide

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I just got this and thought anyone interested would enjoy.
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Quartz said:
Look at the difference between the cost of running gasoline and ethanol in a Titan! No wonder it isn't catching on.

yep ethanol requires more energy to burn vs gasoline so the more ethanol the poorer the fuel economy
Mitch1911 said:
This is why E85 is 50 cents cheaper per gallon here in MO. I am getting about 10 mpg with E85, versus about 13 with gasoline with a lot of stop and go. With the cost difference up here, it evens out almost exactly, so I just use E85 out of principle.

glad to hear that you are one up for the environment. I couldn't use E85 even if my truck was capable of it... the closest E85 station is about 45 miles away, not worth my time.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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