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2008 interior parts in 2004-07??

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Probably a long shot but im wondering if anyone knows if the center console (floor shifter) from a 2008 will swap with one from the older models (04-07). I was thinking of painting my stock console since its a little scratched up and the paint is coming off and got to thinking of doing a swap. I really like the new finisher around the storage bin on the 08's (circled in picture) and the look of the gate shifter cover (if i remember it isnt flat like the 04 but sticks up out of the console a little). I also like that the cup holder cover is a push open type instead of having that little tab where you have to grab it to open. Any idea if this will work? Im thinking of the pro4x interior with the silver color.


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that cupholder cover doesnt exist in my dad's '10 LE.. Idk if they got rid of it for that year or something. But I agree that that trim piece and the gate shifter look good but I dont think the trim will switch over, ours, that piece runs front to back whereas the newer style its just that piece. subscribed..
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