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Hey guys I bought 2008 Nissan Titan LE
The guy hit a small deer and I'm trying to fix it
I'm not sure what goes right behind the grill on drivers side ? Some kind of radiator for power steering ? It bolts to the rad support it was leaking so previous owner had it removed and bypassed by connected the 2 hoses together
Hope you guys can help me out
It won't allow me to post a pic on my phone.

Also my dash lights are on
Tire pressure
And e brake lights are all on
Any idea what that can be ?

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Yes, it is a small cooling system for the power steering. You can purchase Hayden Automotive, power steering oil cooler rather cheap. I purchased a 2010 Titan last year and the PS cooler was leaking so I purchased the Hayden unit and replaced it. Problem solved.
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