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2008 Nissan Titan with OEM radio

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I bought this truck from Carmax. It came with the stock 6 disc cd changer and has the satellite radio option. What Im trying to fing out is what kind of satellite receiver i can put in the truck for that option to work.
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My 2008.5 SE came with it. I think you just call up XM/Sirius and sign up. No need to buy a separate receiver.
it may have the sat option but dose it have the reciever? or do you need to buy it? If your truck has the reciever you should have the ant mounted on top of your truck
Oh yeah, Mine has the ant. on top. Lihp001 does yours have a sat. ant.?
all I did was buy the Sirrius Sportster 5 reciever and pluged it into the aux
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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