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Selling my POLARIS OUTLAW 525s ("S" stands for straight axel)This bike is NOT the IRS(independant Rear Suspension). The bike is in realy good shape never been raced hell its only been in 5th gear a handfull of times. In 08 it was the fastes accelerating quad you could buy. This bike is crazy fast, I dont have any performance parts on it, just cuz it really doesnt need it, it has CRAZY torque. The bike is faster then a 04 yamaha 450. my brother has the yamie and I always take him and when we switch quads he beats me so for everyone that says its the rider, thats true but the outlaw just wins everytime the bikes are both stock performance wise too. I love yamahas i used to only ride them but when I rode the outlaw I fell in love. I have Nerf bars, proarmor front bumper,and new handle bars. The Bike has a 525 KTM engine in it the same engine thats in there 450 dirt bikes and there 450 and 525 quads. The bike has reverse and the tires are still good, the bike starts everytime its really reliable. I paid $6200 im looking for $4k obro. The bike brand new is $7,299

Ill consider trades for a lift kit (no bigger then 5inches), bumpers, pocket style flares, wheels and tires, under seat rear subwoofer system for a titan of course and w.e you might have for a 2004 titan LE 4x4 I'd love to make my truck into a pre-runner some day(and i know a small lift isnt pre-runner style but I drive 45 miles to work in the T daily. or atleast able to clear 33-35"tires lol im not picky. so if you can help me along that path we could make a deal.

Email me at [email protected] or message me on here, i dont check TT everyday so give me a few days to get back at you all.

Thanks for looking heres some pics


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