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2008 SE remote starter question

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Just got my truck and I need to add a remote starter. I just want to verify that the Valet 561T and 556U will work on the 2008 with the factory security system and keyfobs.
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This unit didn't require me to use a key. I was the first one in town here to use this one. Works great, especially this time of year.
Both were included, which I had installed that does not use a key to bypass the security. Where I had it installed it took them a few hours to figure out the bypass unit programming since mine was the first application where they have used it. Up to that point all the remote start systems used a valet, or regular key. I would imagine that an 08 would be very similar to my 07 for the install.
wow, thats odd... I use the factory remote and it works great. With no key used. I still have all three keys in my possetion. It was only $235 out the door. good luck and shop around.
mine uses the lock button 3 times to start. They also had mine set for 24 minutes of run which I thought was excessive so I bumped it back to 12 minutes.
1 - 5 of 46 Posts
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