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2008 SE remote starter question

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Just got my truck and I need to add a remote starter. I just want to verify that the Valet 561T and 556U will work on the 2008 with the factory security system and keyfobs.
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Arachnid said:
I called my Nissan dealer and they said that there was no "dealer" system, but that they would install an aftermarket starter of my choosing.
Same for me. I checked when I was picking up the truck and they just gave me the name of the place they use for installations.
HudsonValleyTitan said:
I can see if I can find out the name of it. My dealer installed it and uses the factory fob. You just hit the lock button twice to start it (it'll then run for 5 to 15 minutes depending on what you ask them to set it at). And hit the lock again to shut it off.
Any updates?
Thanks BigJ. That's where I got the idea. I was hoping to verify that this system was compatible with the 2008 models before I tried to get it installed.

Did you end up using your valet key for the bypass module?
So you just got the starter and not the bypass unit? I thought both were needed.
Ok, now I am confused. I spoke with 3 different installers and all said I have to have a bypass module with key. None of them will install using the factory remote and insist that I use whatever remote comes with the remote starter.

They claim that it's impossible on the 2008 Titans to install without a bypass key and without using an aftermarket remote I won't have any range.

So either they all know what they are talking about, they all don't know what they are talking about or they kind know what they are talking about. Plus they all want me to spend more money.

My requirements are simple, keep the keyless entry, alarm system, immobilizer, and add remote starting.
BigJ, does pressing the unlock 3 times to start the vehicle also unlock the truck too?
Hurray!! I got my remote starter and didn't lose a key. It just took finding an outfit that knew about bypasses and what works and what doesn't.

I did end up with new key FOBs which is fine by me. They even kept the window down feature and added a window up feature for me. Now I can open and close the front windows remotely.

The place even installed some other parts for me for free. I guess since it didn't add any more time to the install they didn't feel the need to charge me.
A place called AGOR Enterprises. They are located in Rochester NY and Syracuse NY.

Another place called Infinite Auto said they could do it too. They use a iData bypass module that seems very capable for not needing the extra key.
The remote and book say (1) Start. However, they bypass module was something different. I'll check the paperwork to see if it says what they used.
Ok, my remote start system is a One Start from AST - model OS125. This does not use the factory keyfob. I use the starter's FOB for all functions - including my new CLOSE window function.

The bypass is a XK07 - DIRECTED ELECTRONICS XK07 Bypass module nissan can bus imobilizer.

It does not use a factory key except for programming. I still have all my keys for use.
The iDatalink was recommended by another installer but because they were farther away, I didn't use them.
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