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2008 SE Timberline Owners - exterior questions

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For those of you who have the Timberline SE CC - which side rails look best? Chrome, black? Rounded bars, flat steps, etc...

I need to order some to install when I get my truck but since I won't get the truck for about a week yet I can't determine which side steps would look the best.

Also, do the chrome trim pieces look good? I know they do on some color combinations. I haven't been a chrome fan in the past but since the truck comes with some chrome looking trim to start, I figured I might want to add some more.

Also, what a good reliable source for the stuff?
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DevilDawg has a set of black N-Fabs on his longbed.
i have an 08 timberline cc se, but i don't have any runningboards...i think that i will not add any more chrome, i think the black is a better compliment to our color...i am currently deciding what to do with the grill...i think i like the 4 piece t-rex billet set-up, but i am not quite sure.....anyway, please keep pics coming with mods on our color, i have trouble envisioning things
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