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2008 Steering Wheel Audio Controls

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Does anyone know what the part number is of the steering wheel audio controls for a 2008 Titan SE with the 6 disk changer? I have seen the ones on here for the prior years and not sure they will work on the 08 model. Thanks
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i dont think they changed im sure they will work i doubt they changed much wiring from 07 to 08
They did change, the '08s are back lit. I would like for someone with a '04 to '07 try the '08 controls.....
They did change. the new number is 25550-ZQ08B.
I'll install one in my '06 if you tell me where I can buy the part. I would love to have a backlit one, but if the controls work but the lights don't, no real loss.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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