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2008 tire pressure light won't turn off

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I've got 35 lbs in tires. it's an 4X4 SE CC LWB. Any ideas?
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Drive around for about 10 miles and see if it goes off. That is what I used to have to do in my '05. Once the tires are hot, the pressure should go up and the light should go off. Alternatively, put about 37 psi in each and see if that does it.
Mine's been on for a week now, again.

Ignore it. I am almost to the point i'll pull the cluster and remove the light bulb.

If you bring it to nissan they will waste 3-4 days of your life and sent you back home, only for it to come on again.
hello everyone this is obly a test been havina a really hard time postina a message
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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