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2008 Titan heated mirror issue?

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Hey guys, Newbie to this forum here. Please forgive if this is the wrong place to post this question. My 2008 Titan has heated side mirrors with the little square symbols with squiggly lines running through them. When I push the button on my control panel it lights up but the mirrors symbols do not light up. Does this mean they aren't working. This will be my first winter with this truck and we have some bad weather coming in tonight in OK. I may need these tomorrow after work. I am assuming they are supposed to light up when on but I can't find that in the owner's manual. Thanks!
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Pretty sure they don't light up. I don't think my mirrors ever light up.
They don't light up. You'll know it's working when the frost clears from your mirrors. I use it even in rain, as it keeps the mirrors clearer.
Then what was the point of Nissan putting them on the mirrors I wonder?
It's just an indicator logo. Umerous cars have then with no lighting.
There are options without heated mirrors for both small and big mirrors on our trucks I think. No way of knowing if there is not a symbol to tell us.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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