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I have an 08 LE and wanting to upgrade the factory radio and do without the top dash NAV and just have NAV on the new HU and use the top dash space for something else...

I’ve never done a system with a factory amp, any help would be appreciated...

How would I go about upgrading the system?
how would I keep steering wheel controls?
How would I keep the factory amp?
Also when upgrading the speakers - what should I go for while still using the factory amp?
Or should I just swap everything b out entirely?

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I'm doing an upgrade from the RF system on my 2012 right now. Here's my thread about it: Android Head Units

In brief, youl'l need:
  • a new non-Nav center cluster surround. I found a nice used one for $150, but most on Fleabay are priced around $300. They are over $400 to buy new.
  • a Steering Wheel Control interface from Axxess. I just installed mine but haven't gotten in working correctly yet.
  • a wiring harness adapter from Metra (that will keep the factory amp, but the factory subwoofer won't work)
  • a mounting kit from Metra. It will include a new radio surround to replace the original one that has the RF radio integrated. You'll move your climate controls and air bag light to the new piece.
Don't even try to keep the factory amps while upgrading the speakers. The vast majority of aftermarket speakers won't work correctly with them (different impedances), and the amps are crappy anyway. If you're going to upgrade the speakers, just get rid of EVERYTHING Fosgate and you'll end up with a better system with less headache. I'm keeping the RF amps and speakers for now, but will dump them sooner or later, probably sooner.
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