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2008 xe 4x4 wiring harness

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i have just bought a new titan and i love it. im looking at puting a trailer hitch on it but nissan is telling me i need 100$ in wiring harness alone, that the 08 are different from the rest. i looked under the bumper and ther is a plug under there with a cap on it. do i just need a adapter for that are what. i know dealerships will try to screw you when they can i was just wondering. im sorry if ther is already a thread on this. i work offshore and dont get a lot of free time to search.
thanks derek
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No One Has Any Info On The 08 Titans What Will I Really Need.
I Could Really Use Some Help
I think your getting the run around... I have an 08 too and I got a hitc installed and the wiring done for around 225 from the dealer! I went out to my boys 07 just now and his is EXACTLY the same as mine so.... You might wanna shop around for your harness...
so the 07s are the same install as the 08s
yes... The hitch and wiring are the same..
The harness should be there, you stated that you have a pigtail tuck up under the bumper. That pigtail should plug right in to the OEM hitch.
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