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2008 XE or SE differences?

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Can someone educate me on the differences between the XE and the SE models with the following:

2008 CC 4wd LWB XE w/ Tow, bedliner & Preferred package

2008 CC 4wd LWB SE w/ Tow, high utility bed & popular package with power split bench

I see the following add ons the SE gets that might be significant:

power driver's seat
utilitrac bed (because you have to)
steering audio controls, dimming rear view mirror, etc

Am I missing anything? cosmetic interior/exterior differences, difference in tow ratings? Does the XE have crank windows or power windows? Any difference in tires or offroad ability? If anyone knows these models extremely well, don't be afraid to be detailed! :computern I was looking at buying an SE, but i'm not sure that i even need it with what the XE offers...thanks!

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Well the XE does not come with any power option anymore (previous years you had the option to add it under "prefer package"). Also they all come with the same color front grill (in previous year it was color match to the truck's color).
Just my 2 cents but gotta say the steering wheel audio controls are worth it alone to me .
Not sure if the 08's are the same but in previous years for less than 100 bucks and about 1/2 hour you can add the steering wheel controls to any Titan without them, as long as you had the 6 disc radio.
The XE Crew Cab models have power windows. The King Cab's don't.

SE has chrome bumpers, better seat material, better radio, compass, temp, adjustable pedals, rear audio controls, different wheels, same crappo tires.
Thanks everyone... I don't need the steering wheel audio controls. I'm sure it's something you learn to enjoy, but I have no problem reaching over the extra 6" and spinning a knob.

Power door locks & windows are a necessity, so i'm glad those are included.

I need to sit in an XE & SE I guess. I drove a pro4x and liked the seats, but i'm told that the other models have different material.

So the XE with the tow package has the same tow capacity? 9400 lbs I think with the crew cab?
Yeah, XE CCs have power windows/locks, but XE KCs don't. The tow package isn't as nice on any of the XE; it doesn't include the extendable towing mirrors (because XEs don't have power mirrors). People have done mirror swaps (minus the power adjust), but if you have to buy the mirrors at the dealer they list for like $450. Tow ratings are the same with tow package.

XEs are pretty nicely equipped for a base model; though on my 07 KC, I'd have liked to have the power locks and extendable mirrors.
One other thing ive noticed is that the XE's dont have the door bash guard things like the one in the Logo at the top of the page. bought entry level and it shows on resale bought in the middle. easier for dealer to resale and it shows.

Not for nothing. I Have bought two SE's for just that reason.
I have an 07 XE KC and lovin every minute of it, I did get one with the prefered package though.......6 disc, bed liner, etc.

I bought it for 21,000 and it books right now with my 6000 miles as trade in value 21,200

What did you pay for your SE and what does it book for now?
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