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loufish said:

The Dodge:
Did you notice the console shifter only has notches for "P", "R", "N" and "D"?...For a 5 speed auto?
My understanding is there will be no Tow Package for the new 1500 Ram, and the only way to get the 4.10 gears is with the bling 20" wheels.
The Ram Box is a very cool idea, saw a tie-down type rail system on the inside of the bed, and the ride should be pretty good with a coil spring rear. I'm liken' the 380 HP also!...

Aluminum instead of plastic, good... but I don't think the production model will have real woodgrain around the radio/info center. Lot's of talk about visual crap, didn't tell me if it's got any more power(it's supposed to, but I haven't heard any numbers yet) or about the the new 6 speed auto trans it's rumered to be sporting.
Could they make the F-150 any uglier? It's a real soid truck, but the went backwards in styling...
Factory tow Command a real plus, all trucks should have this feature...No mention of any Utili-Trak type tie-down system...Don't telll me after the Titan's system out almost 4 years ago and still nothing from Ford?
Below the D, if you look close enough you can see - / + signs. I think it will use the autostick thing thats in several other dodge cars...
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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