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I think it's great that the Big 3 are coming out with these "innovative" designs. Designs which Nissan and Toyota have had for years on their vehicles. The "Ram Box" is a nice feature, but seem useless if you add a topper or toneau cover. I don't like the looks of the new F-150 at all and I agree they took a step backward in the design department. If you look at one of the videos posted and pause it for a moment while it's in the distance, you'll think you're looking at a Tundra. I do like how Dodge has greatly increased the quality of their interior over their previous models, though it looks more like the Titan's interior now. Dodge's lines just don't seem to flow on the new Ram to me. There are too many obscure angles , the grill in particular, that contradict with the design from the rest of the truck.

Neither of the trucks make me want to go to the dealerships to test drive them. Then again, I might just go test drive them to back up my arguements I claim against them. For me, the last 10 years of vehicle designs have just been pathetic. I have a hard time distinguishing a vehicle's brand from a distance because they all seem to look the same. A very strong reason for the purchase of my Titan was that it didn't look like anything else on the road.

Anyways, that's my rant and my $0.02. Take it for what it's worth.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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