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2009 competitor videos

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Here are a few links to some youtube videos on the 2009 Dodge Ram and 2009 Ford F150. Pretty nice trucks, wonder how much they will cost. They get me excited to see the new generation Titan. Makes the Chevy trucks look pretty bad, gives the Tundra a run for its $ imho. The Titan is still king. A lot of features on these trucks that were introduced on the Titan almost 5 years ago.


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TallTexan said:
Come on fellas, for Nissan to come out with a 09 Titan that was new and different, the new design would have in testing for at least a year. The idea that with all that testing no one has snapped a spy photo is almost unbelievable. I think 09 might see the addition of a v6 that already exists and maybe new colors and bling. I would think the earliest we may see a new Titan is 2010 or later. If I was in charge, I would not mess up this time. I would come out with the new Titan in 3 different cabs, a new diesel and a souped up 5.6 to around 400hp. Just as the world was getting used to those I would drop the new heavy duty Titan with a choice of two diesels in 2011. I would have a smaller, high output diesel for the standard Titan and a larger diesel for the heavy duty Titans. Nissan needs a good choice of smaller output diesels with high miles per gallon numbers. Throw in some new 6-7 speed auto trannies and the big three would have their hands full and Toyota would be wondering what happened. One other thing, get that POS Dana axle out of there and find a good one. JMO
Well that about sums it up NICELY..agreed!!. congats..:cheers:
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