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i really like the 09 ram. yes, its a lot different from the current one, with all the angled pieces. however, it kinda reminds me of what drew me to the TITAN. it doesnt look like everything else. the interior is tons better. i could definately stomach seeing these on the road better than the current ones. especially in that 2-tone paint scheme. looks pretty good.
couple of downsides though. one, which has been pointed out, the "ram box" will be useless w/ a topper/tonneau.
also, w/ that coil spring set up in the rear, what is their payload/tow capacities going to be?

now for the ferd. looks like a freaking explorer/expedition up front and as posted earlier the back looks like an 80's ranger w/that metal trim.
they will try to look good sitting in the parking lot at the drag strip, cause no one that owns one will be running them w/ that weak-a$$ed powertrain....
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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