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Ok, here's my take...
Dodge= looks better and more roomier now, the old quad cab just didn't measure up. Maybe more power?? The Ram-Box is a novel idea, but probably won't come standard on every truck. Coil rear is cool. Minuses there are: if the truck you buy has those, how do you use a traditional truck box or bed/shell cover?? And, I can't wait to see one in about a year with the bed sides all dinged up for loading/unloading stuff...:teeth:

Ford= Who the he(( designed that Platinum model?? The 4x4 decal and the aluminum tailgate panel looks like the crap on my uncle's '88 era Ranger ext cab 4wd??:bangit: The rear seat fold-up and bed tie downs= Nissan technology stolen. The front end,I'm just not sure of...Let's hope the upped horses move this thing easier than the current rig...Ford, not my cup 'o tea...:dunno:
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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