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2009 competitor videos

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Here are a few links to some youtube videos on the 2009 Dodge Ram and 2009 Ford F150. Pretty nice trucks, wonder how much they will cost. They get me excited to see the new generation Titan. Makes the Chevy trucks look pretty bad, gives the Tundra a run for its $ imho. The Titan is still king. A lot of features on these trucks that were introduced on the Titan almost 5 years ago.


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I can sum up the F-150 Platinum in one word!
Fugly! The only think I liked about the entire truck was the aluminum trim on the dash and round vents.

“Even with the drives seat PRETTY far back I have lots of leg room”
What a tool, I already hate the guy

The rear floor is flat for easy loading of your flat screen. Either that means the floor is raised or the drive shaft is lowered. Why not just put it in the bed?

O WOW the rear seat folds up!!!! My Nissan did that in 04!

He said the wheels “are a lot of bling for a pickup”…..

He said the lip (wannabe spoiler) on the back of the tailgate is going to help aerodynamics and fuel efficiency. No %^& way. The silver, chrome whatever stripe on the tailgate is also ugly as hell.

I don’t think Nissan has much to worry about with the ford other then these lemmings that refuse to buy any truck other then ford year after year.

The dodge might be pretty good, thou I don’t like the rake of the front end. Might look better in person….
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