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Good day. Got the above with issues I think. Just got back from a trip from Pensacola, Fl. to Pigeon Forge, Tn. and back. While we were up there, I think I started having tranny issues. I would hear a bumping or slight knocking sound come from under the truck when we would turn right. I have replaced both front hubs before and know the sound they make so its not them, this sounds like its under the truck. Maybe a u-joint but I think that would be noisy all the time. Or maybe that doughnut that supports the drive shaft?

Anyway, when we were in Gatlinburg, we went up to Grotto falls and when we came driving down the road, and stopped, I could smell a clutch smell. like when your wheeling or racing with a manual clutch and have heated it up.

Not a big fan of our dipstick set up but checked the fluid and it does smell burnt. I hit AZ and picked up some Valvoline Max Life Synthetic high millage tranny fluid. On the back is said compatible for Nissan / Infinity trannys, Matic-D,J,K, and S. I tossed about 1/2 a qt in and she seemed to do ok for the trip back with only one episode of the knocking sound.

So, are these trannys like the older Ford and Chevy ones where a good chunk of the fix could be as simple as change the fluid and filter? If so, what fluid do you all use and where can I pick up a tranny filter, AZ?

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