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2010 HID Quad Retrofit Questions

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Hello again, I am in the design phase of a retrofit project for my pro 4x and I have some questions.

I want to use a projector for the high beams but /i want to use a 9011 bulb rather than a HID just because of the speed that halogen has.

What projectors work decent with halogen bulbs. I have seen that the E55 and LS460 are good choices but lens quality may be an issue. I would like to buy something that does not need to be upgraded if possible. Are there better options out there or is this it? I want them to be as bright as possible.

I would also like to find a good source for some high quality DRL flex strips. Does anyone offer anything close to the look on the new vehicles? I dont want it to look cheap.
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Honestly,the low beam projector pretty much overwhelms the high beam once the shield goes up, throw an LED in there to match color and call it a day
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