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Hi everyone,

i dont' own a Titan but this forum seems to have alot of excellent technical information that i couldn't find anywhere else, so hoping i can get some help, 2010 QX56 out of no where all the lights on the dash started flashing, RPM, Speedometer, oil pressure gauges started going nuts, and car was jerking when switching gears, took it to the dealer...they replaced the battery (took them 4 days to do that) car is now running fine but the service engine soon light is on...flashing 3 codes P0101 - P1212 - 1001. These are all major communication error codes, one is a MAF code, common element among all of them is the ECU, has anyone here had the same issue? do i need a new IPDM? can i just change the ECU relay? truck is running fine but not sure if i can keep running it? its my wife's truck to haul the kids so not comfortable letting her go around with a busted truck. Any help would be appreciated Thank you
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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