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2010 titan LE diff

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Hi everyone, i.m the proud new owner of a 2010 nissan titan LE crew cab and it has an open rear diff in it... Living up in canada i would like to have an LSD or a locker diff.

After reading for hours plenty of thread it seem's like i can get a defenitive answer on what diff is bolt-on into my truck.
I've read that on the 08+ truck you can put a truetrack but you need to swap axle from one side to another and i get that only apply on 08+ titan that originaly has e-locker in them but when you have the stock open-diff does it fit, do you have to swap axle or do you need another diff completely ?

Anyway my question is what can i put in the rear-end of my truck, and what does it take to put it in, so i can finally get some traction and stop spinning 1 wheel at every stop sign and green light.
Thanks alot
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Look for posts by Josh19k. He nailed this down.
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