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:hi: I have been looking for the past couple days for aftermarket parts such as. black/hid headlights, black tail lights, mesh grill, ram hood. etc.. The problem im running into is that everywhere I look I am being told that the parts wont fit as most I am finding are only listed to fit up to '10. :bangit:
sooooo will these parts actually fit and the people selling them are just not realizing this yet or did nissan actually change things and noone is smart enough to make the parts yet.??
If anyone knows it would be great because I want to start transforming this truck asap. Also if anyone has already done these conversions and has a good place to buy from other than ebay let me know. Thanks!
I had an 07 SE and traded it for a 2011 Pro4x and swapped over my AEM Brute Force CAI, tonneau cover, black aftermarket headlights with HID's in them, interior led's, & bought the same magnaflow muffler to put on again. I called AEM and Anzo andtheysaid it wouldn't fit but they did of course.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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