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ABLS? Thanks for pointing this out. I just read about ABLS after searching for it.

This ABLS is the most annoying feature on my 2011 Titan. I am not sure if anyone else feels that same. It makes me totally nuts when it takes action even at the smallest hint of wheel spin. It feels like the truck just falls on it's face. I am not sure who at Nissan calibrated this feature but they were probably in their 80s and afraid of the sounds of squealing tires. I kick myself for not checking if this truck had a real limited slip differential and may end up putting one in if I can disable to ABLS trash permanently.

Please keep us posted. I am very interested in disabling it without having to hit the VDC button each time I get in the truck. Maybe Bullydog has the cure....
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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