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2011 Titan SV installed bull bar

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Well, I finally had a day when time and weather cooperated and installed my bull bar. Before I even ordered this, I read alot about others having problems with install/fit when it came to the bar and or brackets. I figured I would take the chance, worst case scenario I would have to make new brackets.

I purchased my bull bar from truckgeardirect on Ebay, I paid $155 shipped and it was here in just a couple of days. So, onto the install. I pulled the tow hooks off, used a 17mm wrench and socket. I put on the brackets, which took 18mm tools FYI, and everything lined up as it should. Upon mounting the bull bar to the brackets, I came aware that I did not have the needed bolts. This could have been that they were never shipped with the kit or I misplaced them since I had this out in my barn for the last two months. Regardless, I went through my cabinets and found two bolts that fit.

The whole process took less than an hour and as I said went together flawlessly. I do not know if this process would apply to the Pro4X model but perhaps someone else has pulled the trigger on that. Here are a few pics showing the final install:

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Nice!! Really looks good. Plus even more satisfying in that you did the install your self.
Looks good.

On another topic, do you find that the factory splash guards are woefully inadequate?
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