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2011 titan tail lights

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2011 titan tail lights are the same as previous years rights?
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I think so, sir. Only difference is in whether it has the module on it for the tailgate lights or not. And that module can be removed. :hi:

You upgrading the new rig?
Courtesy Nissan shows the same part number for all model year Titans.
yes sir, no tailgate lights here. about to order smoked led tail lights, smoked led 3rd brake lights and front and rear bumpers
Smoked will go nicely with the new color. What kind of bumpers?
like the iron bull, but still looking at dmz, and fab fours.
here is the fab fours

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i would have it line x-ed as well.
I like that rear bumper, but the fronts would have to "grow" on me some.
the rear bumper i would have them not put the logos in, put light buckets in, shackles and the rear sonar sensor holes
All would make the rear look even better.
already got a damn service engine light. never got one on my old t
Really? You pull the code yet?
no i need to find someone or i will just go to autozone tonight when i get off
Hey, I was just curious if you ever got the Fab Fours rear bumper? I just got one for mine but it doesn't look like its going to fit with the newer hitch design on the 2010... I am pretty bummed about it right now, waiting to call them on Tuesday. I hope they can make it work. :huh:

I also found it annoying that the license plate lights don't seem to fit either. Looks like the older models have a different housing. First thought was no big deal, but the things are $60 each! Bumper build quality looks great, but I don't think I should be running into crap like this on a $1,200 bumper! :bangit:
I wanted the fab fours....before I saw the price.

$1200???? Ya you can keep the bumper
I hear ya, but when its the kids insurance that just rear ended you that is paying for it (and plus some), I figure its a good excuse to get one :teeth: Plus I didn't like the fact that the kid barely bumped the corner of my bumper, any harder it would have taken out the quarter panel too.

So RTC have you picked out a new bumper yet?
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