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Since my stock tires are about worn out I've been looking at tire upgrades and lifting to help them fit.

Here's my thoughts so far:

2012 Titan SV King Cab 4x4 (stock at the moment)
Nitto Ridge Grappler LT295/70R18 (according to the Nitto site this runs about 34.29" diameter and 11.77" wide)
Stock 18" Rims
Rough Country 4" lift

Minor Trimming is ok. Though prefer to avoid it if possible. Keeping the mud guards would be a bonus but necessary
I would like to maintain a slight rake since i do tow a light trailer and camping gear occasionally. Just doesn't seem right if it squats in the back.
I've noticed the Rough Country 4" lift is actually 4" front and 2" block in the rear. Would this 4" kit and swapping the 2" rear blocks for 3" rear blocks do the trick?
Also thoughts on if these tires would fit. Don't want them look small either but attempting to stay low enough that it'll fit in the garage (currently have 10 inches of clearance from top of cab to door opening).

Any advice is appreciated.

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I have the same truck 2012 SV King cab and just had Nitto Ridge Grappler LT275/70R18 installed this week.I'm stock and these fit great.I was told the 295 would work with no lifting needed but decided I wanted to keep my splash guards.I was told the 295 fit with just removing the front splash guards.

your going to love these tires.I drove myself crazy for over a month trying to decide which tires to go with.the guys at the tire store had not seen these tires yet and was talking pics of my truck lol.
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