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2012 Titan SV King

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Just joined and a Titan owner now for 2 days.
Wanted a truck and was attracted to the look of this 2012.
Although somewhat concerned with fuel economy knew that was the way it is with trucks no matter which make you chose.
Tried Silverado, Sierra, Dodge Ram and Ford and just felt a better fit with the Nissan.
Got it with 4 wheel drive as we use it on boat ramps during boating season and living in Canada winter driving can be a challenge.
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I have a 15 sv cc 4x4 and I get about 16mpg on average over the 10k I have had it. I play plenty, but I learned from years with my 06 kc that mashing the pedal killed the mpg. Most of my driving is back roads and town driving, with the exception of a few trips. I have a bullydog gt, s&b cai, and run 87 at the pump. I also have a roof rack and run 33" duratracs. I think the mileage is there if you keep your pedal off the floor.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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