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Hello everyone, I have (as you can see the title), A 2013 Nissan titan SV 2WD FlexFuel. I have been spending some times reading the forums for about 2 years, but I never signed up.
Well today, I finally took the step, and signed up. So I have around 140,000 Miles on the dash. I am looking to start modding it up since I have had it for 5 years, I have the money, finally. lol
So to run it up, this is my current mods:
Airaid MXP Cold air intake.
Custom headlight (Don't remember the brand.)

That is about it, as the truck stands it is basically stock, nothing special here.
Now, I want to start making this thing look nice. I have ordered a 6 inch rough country lift kit with N3 Struts and Shocks.
I have also ordered the Dirt King Uniball UCA's to prevent coil bucket contact. After looking at the money I have spent so far.... I am impressed lol.
As far as what I am trying to get to, what would be some other things to get for the truck as of right now...? To make it run better.

Issues I am currently having are as follows:
My truck will vibrate when shifted into Drive or Reverse... If anyone knows the fix, that would be great. It only happens when stopped at a red light etc...
The second issue is this.
During the summer I would leave my truck running for a little while and it would over heat with the AC on. However, as soon as I would put the heater on and drive around the engine would cool down.
If anyone would know the fix to this I would LOVE to know. Please do not bash on me as this is my first ever post, and I am really just looking to get some Advice. Thanks!

As I have the funds now, I will be upgrading and fixing this truck up, she only has 140K on the dash, I know she can make it further with a little TLC, she drives like a beast!
Thanks guys! Any help would be nice!!!!
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